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June 2017
June Insights
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5 Benefits of Working with a Project Management Staffing Agency

Time and money are the two most precious assets for an organization. When it comes to recruitment, a staffing agency can save you both. Whether you work in a large organization with a well-staffed HR department, or a smaller company just starting to grow, the benefits of using a staffing agency can keep your projects on point. Still need to be convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t hire your next project professional without a staffing agency to support you.

Hiring Managers: 7 Skills and Traits to Look for in a Project Manager

From budget planning to managing dynamic, multidisciplinary teams and workflows, project managers are essentially the oil that keeps the machinery of a project running smoothly (and ideally on time and on budget). In addition to an advanced operational familiarity with their field, the best project managers possess certain skills and character traits that inspire creativity, productivity, and synergy within teams and projects of all sizes and complexity levels.

Scrum Master Survival Tips: For New Scrum Masters

In our occasional series about how to survive as a successful Scrum Master, we want to take some time to look at a few tips to help you in your first Scrum Master role. In this blog, we'll discuss why questioning the process is essential to the process. We'll also discuss the importance of effective planning, goal setting, and setting a vision for your team.

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